1. RULES:  The following rules for the tournament will be used.  These rules  will be interpreted by the Advisory
Staff appointed by the Tournament Director.  All decisions are final.  

2.  ELIGIBILITY:  All teams consist of one or two persons that have paid the appropriate fees.  Advisory Staff
or Tournament Director has the right to refuse Entry to any Team.

3.  ENTRY FEES:  $50 per boat will be taken at the ramp until tournament time.  This includes Big Bass Entry
and trash fish entry.  NO CHECKS!

4.  DEPARTURE:   Departure will be in sequence in which numbers for Teams are drawn.  This will be done by
Tournament Staff of Tournament Director.

5.  BOATS AND MOTORS:  Any boat 12 foot or longer, if powered by a motor of 9.8 horsepower or more, with
a kill switch and aerated live well, will be accepted.  All Arkansas/Missouri Water Patrol Laws and Regulations
when approved by the Tournament Director.

6.  SAFETY AND SPORTSMANSHIP:  Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation are expected from
each contestant.  Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principals may be deemed cause for
disqualification.  Life vest must be worn any time the big motor is on even idling, with kill switches attached.  NO

7.  PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS:  Anywhere on the tournament lake EXCEPT 1) within 50 yards of
another tournament contestants boat at anchor, 2) within 50 yards of a commercial dock, 3) any place posted by
State or Local officials

8.  SCORING:  Largemouth, Spotted, or Small Mouth bass will be counted. Lake length limit for each species of
bass. Total weight per team will determine the places.  Any bass presented for weigh-in under legal length for
that lake will result in one (1) pound penalty and loss of that fish.  Iced fish or fish on a STRINGER will be cause
for immediate disqualification.  Five (5) fish limit per boat.  Contestants must be in sight of their partners during
Tournament hours.  All fish presented for weigh-in become the property of The Cove Club. All Contestants can
only have 6 bass in boat at one time while culling down to 5 fish. Mean Mouth bass must be 15 inches.

9.  TIES:  All ties will be broken by the most fish, then by the biggest Bass.

10.  LATE CHECK IN:  A one (1) pound penalty per minute up to ten (10) minutes, after that

11.  PROTEST:  Any contestant wishing to protest the score or conduct of a fellow contestant must do so in
writing within ten (10) minutes of the conclusion of the weigh-in.  All written protest will go to the Advisory Staff
and Tournament Director.  All decisions by the Staff will be final.

12.  BOAT INSPECTIONS:  All boats may be inspected by Tournament Director of Staff before take off time on
any tournament.

13.  TYPE OF TACKLE:   Only artificial lures may be used.  NO "live bait" will be permitted:  however, pork or
pork type strips, rinds, etc., may be used.  Only casting, spinning or spin-casting reels and rods may be used.  
Only one (1) rod may be used at any one time by each person.  Other rigged rods may be in the boat for
substitution purposes, however, only one "rig" is permitted in use at any one time.  NO TROLLING.

14.  TOURNAMENT CANCELLATIONS:  If the tournament is cancelled due to reasons of safety, the entry
fees will be refunded or transferred.  Tournaments will be rescheduled on a later date.

15. CULLING: Culling not to be done at dock.

16. CORPS OF ENGINEERS DOCK REGULATIONS: No fishing 50ft of docks that should be identified by
standard Corps signs regulation no. 1130-2-57 available upon
17. There will be two cull tournaments at the end of the year. No matter how many tournaments you fished. You
can not us
e a unpaid or no show tournament for a cull unless you pay before the next tournament.